Jurgen OSTARHILD "The Object-Finding"

By the
3. Europäischer Monat der Fotografie Berlin

© Jurgen Ostarhild. Courtesy Galerie Artport

Artport, Biesentalerstraße 16 13359 Berlin
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While the primacy of the genital zones is being established through the processes of puberty, and the erected penis in the man imperiously points towards the new sexual aim, towards the penetration of a cavity which excites the genital zone, the object-finding, for which also preparations have been made since early childhood, becomes consummated on the psychic side. (Freud)

Dildo and face, man and/or woman? What's the interface? Sigi (Freud) and Plato... A wild mix of methaphers. Superficial screaming-colourfull creations take us on philosophical rollercoasterride. The design of the dildos and the fictive portraits of beautifull (volksschöner) humans, have things in common. Design is sexy. Today everybody wants to evoke sexappeal. Don't those curvy forms originate all from the unfailing pool of mother nature? Male and female, according to Plato, united then sudden torn appart, are since always on the search for eachother, but are now getting closer in many disciplines. Dildos and portraits, have surprisingly many male and female details in common. Dildos, details from a mercedes carbody, the profile of a face, empathize human shapes ... A sexual object has to trigger erotic signals, prozessed by us in milliseconds. Man as a machine in a not so far utopia will be hermaphrodite, autoerotic and will love himself with male and female atributes. Our life shapes this kind of beauty, our habits urges such appearences. Man, machine, dildo, car, today everything is based on a certain erotical pattern. Frightning! Simple! Natural? A.B.