Eröffnung im ARTPORT CONTEMPORARY zur August Kolonie Wedding am Fr., 28.8.09 um 20h.

Gruppenausstellung von Hannes Gruber, Nicolas Manenti, Edmund Piper und Purio

Blazing out of the heat wave of the summer break, we now return to you new and improved as artport contemporary. To illuminate the before and after of this glorious event, ariane blankenburg—now with curator fridey mickel along for the ride—are pleased to present the exhibition 'apocalypse now' featuring the white hot art work of emerging artists edmund piper, hannes gruber, nico manenti and purio. The works represent 4 different positions: edmund piper’s photography visits the everyday adventures of the post-modern citizens of the world, mature and with eyes wide open. hannes gruber’s organic sculptures made of found items show how easily the world will go on. nico manenti’s clean, accurate installation shows the absurdity of the new world order. and purio’s large-scale street painting is the rhythm section, rocking everything out.

This exhibition marks a major point in the history of artport, nothing will be the same as before. Please join us for this exciting moment (and bring your sunglasses.)

Friday, august 28, 2009. 8 p.m.